Monday, February 12, 2018

Aquarius Solar Eclipse - February 15

Hi Everyone,

February is here! Time is flying by and we are faced with another eclipse. This time, it is a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on February 15, just after Valentine´s day! Aquarius is the sign of the pioneers and it is pushing us to think outside the box. It is also bringing us the ability to see the bigger picture and have a breakthrough. Can you see all the possibilities around you? Where are you limiting yourself? Where are you selling yourself short?

This Eclipse is a call to realize the power of our thoughts. Like my teacher and mentor, Sonia Choquette, says our subconscious mind does not know whether manifestation is good or bad. If we think we can have it all, we will have it all. If we think we can´t have nothing, we will have nothing. Our subconscious mind just says yes to whatever we think. Knowing this, what are the qualities of your thoughts? Do you believe in all possibilities? Do you have opposite thoughts such as you want a new job but you believe there are no jobs our there?

This is the time to get ahold of our thoughts and make sure that they are fueling our future and not setting blocks in our way. This Eclipse also allows us to look within and find the roots of old problems and patterns so we can heal them, release them and move on. Remember Eclipses are good for cutting and clearing, also setting the way for the next steps. We are fast approaching our next Mercury retrograde in March. Use this time wisely to set up the stage for what you want to manifest in 2018.

We are transiting powerful times of transformation. This is the time to upgrade our believes and move forward to our 2.0 version of ourselves. Are you ready?

The time is now, it´s time to leap into your authentic self!

Many blessings,

Rev. Carolina A. Amor

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Fake, Childish, Narcissistic... Lessons of the West

"Think of three people you admire." .... That´s how the exercise began. The next question was "Think of three people who really annoy you.".... That´s when I wondered why it is easier to think of people who rub you the wrong way instead of those who you admire. I feel there are not many people I admire these days but there are people who I have respect for. I come from a long journey of putting people in pedestals and then getting disappointed, so these days, nobody goes on the pedestal because there is no pedestal. Time has taught me that we are all one and nobody is above or below anyone. We are all walking alongside in the journey of life. Perceptions may make people think they are below or above but in reality we are all one and when we realize that, we also realize our value and the value we bring to the whole. 

Going back to the exercise, now you may be wondering what exercise I am talking about? Last October, I started my journey to go around the Medicine Wheel. This wheel combines the energies of the Native American People and the People from the Andes. I felt that I dedicated sufficient time to the European traditions and it was time to start exploring my roots. Little did I know that the work of the Wheel would bring me so many lessons. As I finished the South last December, I can say I shedded some of my core issues but the work is not complete, not until I go around the Wheel. Now, I am in the West and this direction brings new lessons, new journeys, new discoveries and more healing. 

During the exercise, I was able to identify the three people who rub me the wrong way (maybe I could find more than three but don´t tell anybody - just kidding). After identifying these people, the exercise was to identify the core issues that triggered me. That´s where fake, childish and narcissistic came from. The interesting part of the exercise was tapping into the reality of why this person was fake, or childish, or narcissistic, and finding that fake was just a way to make sure this person would survive, like a chameleon that needs to adjust to their reality. Childish was a way of not growing up as this person had not experienced being a child when this person was young. Narcissistic was just a way to be the center because that´s how they would get attention. The next part of the exercise was to see the gift in the triggers and that made me realize how I need to feed my inner child and put myself in the picture instead of putting other people first and then resenting it. Fake was an interesting lesson as I remembered how when I landed in this country, I chose to take my ex-husband´s name and I became Carolina Boggs, no document or record existed of Amor in the USA. I made that decision intentionally to blend in as I felt I would not have the same opportunities if I was Carolina Amor and people knew I came from Argentina. I was only 23 years old and full of fears. As the years passed, I missed my roots and I missed my maiden name so I began including it as Amor-Boggs until the time I got divorced and that´s when I reclaimed my name completely. It took 10 years of living in this country to be able to feel safe and express who I was so I can say "fake" is something I have experienced. 

Part of the lesson of the exercise is to be able to recognize that those things that trigger us are part of us. They are part of our shadow and the moment we own them, we are able to claim that power. What are your triggers? Can you think of three people that rub you the wrong way? Maybe more :) What are the core issues with those people?  I invite you to take some time and do the same exercise I did because there is power in it. There is healing power. Shadow work is part of becoming whole and of healing our wounds.

Fake, Childish, Narcissistic are the Lessons of the West for me. What are yours?



Friday, January 12, 2018

Depressed or Exhausted? What do you prefer?

2018 is here! How is the new year treating you? Are you ready to follow your heart or will you live in fear? Do you want to be exhausted or do you want to be depressed? Are you ready to climb that mountain of your desire? These are some of the questions Capricorn is asking us these days and with 6 planets in Capricorn and a New Moon in Capricorn, these energies are resonating quite strong in us. The time is now to get it done but remember to follow your heart and not what you think you should do because here is not about what is right for others, it is about following what makes your heart sign, what your passion is. So the question becomes, do you know what you truly want?

We are at the crossroads and the time has come to face our fears and claim our power. If we don´t, we will live in fear and be depressed thinking of what could have been but we were not brave enough to make it happen. Instead, embrace your fire and jump in. I am not saying it will be easy because Capricorn asks for hard work but Capricorn is also the sign that helps us build our foundations and with Saturn transiting it´s home sign, it could not be a better time to get those projects done. You may be exhausted at the end but accomplished and happy. The choice is yours - depressed or exhausted?

I invite you to spend some time during this New Moon in meditation and determine what plans you want to see manifest. You may have many, and some of those may not be yours, so shed the unnecessary plans, declutter your mind and set the course to accomplish those that follow your passion. You passion will be the fuel that will ensure you get to the end goal. Don´t let fear interfere, instead, sit in the driver´s seat of your own life and don´t allow the GPS to guide you anymore, that GPS that is tied to the societal mandates. Instead, chart your way and move forward. If you get paralyzed, just remember fear stands for fantasized events appearing real. This week, a person told me to face my own fears, to feel them and do the things anyway. I say the same to you today, just move forward. This is a year where we can accomplish great things and it´s up to us, it´s our choice. Do you want to be exhausted or depressed at the end of the year? The choice is always yours.


Rev. Carolina A. Amor

Thursday, December 28, 2017

New Year, New You, and a Full Moon in Cancer

2017 is coming to an end. A time of reflection and setting new goals is ahead. As with every new day, every year brings an opportunity to reshape our vision and redefine who we are so we get closer to our authentic self. If we do our work, year after year, we shed layers of stale and stagnant parts of us that do not serve us anymore. 2018 is no different as it provides an opportunity to solidify who we are and follow our dreams. Jupiter in Scorpio is asking us to face our shadows and Saturn in Capricorn is telling us the time has come to get our stuff together, fix the issues and get our house in order. There is no escape this time around, once you see it, you can´t deny it and you are asked to fix it, clean it and release it.

2018 begins with a Full Moon in Cancer. Full Moons are great to illuminate those areas where we need to take action. They also point to areas where we are ready for completion. The Moon is happy in Cancer as it is her home town. In Her sign, She prompts us to look at what areas are stagnant in our lives? Are our waters muddy? Where are our fears running the show? Are we not allowing ourselves to dream big? The Moon in Cancer also activates our intuition but the question is do you trust your intuition? Can you say yes to the guidance you receive or do you second guess it?

My teacher and mentor, Sonia Choquette, wrote in her book Psychic Pathways that in order to be psychic, you need to make four necessary decisions. You need to decide:

- You are open to psychic guidance.
- You will expect psychic guidance.
- You will trust psychic guidance.
- You will act on psychic guidance.

During this Full Moon, your intuition will be active so it is imperative that you follow the four decisions listed above. You need to be open, expect it, trust it and act on it. If any step is missing, you will be breaking the flow so you need all of them. If you are one of those who does not trust your psychic senses, I invite you to play the game "I am psychic" and follow the fours steps above. You may wonder how you play that game right? Well just for 24 hours pretend you are psychic. Act as if you were psychic. What would you do? Trust me when I say that our intuition works better when we keep an open heart, we play and we trust the subtle messages we receive. If you follow these steps, I can promise you that you will receive the necessary information you need to set 2018 on fire and get your ball rolling. Trust me on this or humor me, your choice!

Happy New Year! May 2018 be filled with happiness, prosperity, good health and love!


Rev. Carolina A. Amor

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Death and Collateral Beauty

Death conjures different images to different people. Depending on your beliefs, you may be afraid of death or you may embrace death as a passage but we know that people do not like change that much and death is change. Therefore, death is feared or disliked by many. The other day,  my best friend asked me if I was afraid of death and my natural answer was no. Since I began my Spiritualist journey, I´ve been learning about death and seeing it as just a change or transition but not the end. I also don´t believe in heaven or hell or purgatory. I do believe there is a life review and that review is meant to teach us a lesson and provides us with information to make decisions on the other side such as whether to come back to the physical plane and reincarnate or just stay on the other side and continue evolving there, then becoming a guide or a teacher for people on this realm. If we look at most religions, they usually concur that there is life after death. Whether it is in a good place or not, it´s up to the religion but most agree that death is not the end. 

If I were to ask you, are  you afraid of death? What would be your response? If your answer is positive, then the question becomes what are you afraid of? Can you voice your fears? It could be that you are scared of the unknown, going into a different dimension and what that entails but think about your first day in school, you were nervous, you did not know what to expect but you survived it and I am sure you thrived too. The same happens when we move to the other side, our rate of vibration changes as we become Spirit without a body but we retain our memories and we go through a period of adaptation. It´s like the Fool in the Tarot that needs to jump into the abyss and begin a new adventure but there is nothing to fear. 

Fear is part of the equation because many religions have a belief of hell or that only a number of people will be saved. Others believe death is the end or that there is a purgatory and you´ll be stuck in misery for eternity. Fear is also part of the equation because it keeps us grateful for the present moment and makes sure that we don´t waste time here on the physical plane as this plane is also part of our story. 

Today, I watched the movie "Collateral Beauty" and in this movie, the main character talked about the three obstructions in life as time, love and death. He mentioned that everyone wanted to be loved or experience love. He also mentioned that time was a limitation and people fought against the clock. Death is inevitable. The combination of these three forces shows why death holds such a power. Death marks the end of the physical phase in a person´s life. What if this person has not experienced love during that time? What if the person dies when they are very young? All these questions make us value time as time in this dimension is finite. It also makes us value love as that is the force that moves human beings most of the time. And death marks one end and also a new beginning but we do tend to focus on the ending more than in the new beginning because that new beginning is uncertain and we don´t know what to expect.

I am not here to change your beliefs or your feelings, but I am here to invite you to look at death with a different set of eyes. The eyes of wonder that you may have had with new experiences in the past and know that it is not the end. Release the fear and instead use that energy to live each day as it is the last one as tomorrow is not promised. Our time on earth is indeed limited so we should make the best out of it. Use it wisely and don´t spend it worrying or in fear. Live fully everyday. Live as today is your last day. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised. Release fears and enjoy today! Carpe Diem!

Many blessings,


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Being a Psychic is a Catch 22

There are days when being a psychic feel both a blessing and a curse. Those are the days when ignorance is a bliss and you wish you would not know or feel things because once you do, you need to choose how to act. You can choose to ignore them but they will keep coming back so why not just act.

A couple of months ago, I found out that the company my ex-husband worked for was moving to my building. This company is a big company so they were renting a building across the street and also a couple of floors in the building I work at. As soon as I found out, I knew he was in my building but it was just my intuition speaking. My friends kept telling me that maybe he was in the other building or not even in the area at all. I knew he was there and there would be a day when we would see each other in the elevator as destiny had brought us to the same place for some reason.

Two weeks ago, just before I left for Los Angeles to attend a mediumship intensive, the day came. Yes, as I am leaving the office, later than usual, I stepped in the elevator and there was one more person in there. The elevator went down and it stopped on the third floor. As the doors opened, I heard Ivanhof, my guide, say "this is it, he is the one getting into the elevator". I looked at the doors and there he was, my ex-husband. He looked at me and I could swear he was surprised to see me there, not in a good way. He did not even say hi and as I read his energy I felt I did not need to say anything. He got off the elevator feeling disoriented and I thought to myself "you made the right decision."

The encounter made me wonder why the Universe would put us in the same place at the same time and I understood that it was a door that needed to be closed, locked actually. Even thought there were no words said, the vibration just told me the story. I don´t think I will be seeing him again but I do feel like the reason why I saw him was the Universe also trying to show me that when my intuition speaks, I should listen and not try to second guess it. The time of doubting is over and the time of trust has began.

Having said that, being an intuitive is a big responsibility because once you know, you need to act. It´s hard to look at the other side or play stupid. That will not work. The messages will keep coming so as I said being a psychic is a blessing and a curse - a catch 22.

Love and Light,

Carolina Amor

Rev. Carolina A. Amor

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Know your Spirit - Authenticity leads to Happiness

If I were to ask you who you are, what would be your response? How about if I asked you what you love? What do you do for fun? How´s your spirit? It may sound crazy but many people do not know how to answer these questions. We live in a society that celebrates followers and it does not like pioneers. A society that is not comfortable with different as it prefers when people follow the normal whatever that normal is. Many people get lost trying to fit a container that does not fit them. They may seek validation or just acceptance but in that act of seeking, they lose their authentic self and their spirit vacates their body as it can not stay where it has no place to be authentic. Other people may use responsibilities or workaholism as a escape from reality. Others just get sucked into social media and technology wishing for the life they would want to have but never having the strength to go for it as it would mean going against the norm. There are several ways to numb or quiet our Spirit from pushing us to live from our true self.  

The other day, I was reading The Happiness Project by Robert Holden and he mentioned that people usually believe that they will be happy if/when... and that happiness comes from an external source when actually happiness comes from within and no matter how many things you have, you will not find happiness outside yourself. He mentioned that happiness is also rooted in being able to be our true selves and he believes that if you know yourself and you are authentic, you will be happy as well. That happiness is not something we need to look for but that when we embrace our authentic self, happiness happens next. Happiness is the consequence of living from our Spirit.

The question becomes how can people be happy if they don´t know their Spirit. No wonder why people are always seeking happiness but never get there because when you seek for happiness outside, the happiness you get is very short lived. You may be happy for a day or two but then comes reality that you want another thing to fill that void. This is the void that is left when you do not live from your Spirit. You do not need to keep buying stuff, you just need to connect and get reacquainted with who you are. The true you, the one under the layers of conditioning. 

The other day, I was talking to one of my students, and she was mentioning how she always tried to fit in and was not able to because she is a medium and sees things. She mentioned that she never connected with any of her friends and felt quite lonely because she wanted to be normal but was not normal and feared people would think she was crazy. As I heard this story, I couldn´t help but feel that I´ve been down that road before but that in the end, it leaves you feeling empty and lonely. Today, I rather have one good friend with whom I can be myself than ten fake friends where I am always putting on a mask or adjusting to their needs to my expense. It took years for me to embrace who I am and not take into account what other people think about me. It´s not an easy road but it is a road that leads to happiness. 

If you want to know your Spirit, first you have to get grounded in your body and then you need to connect with your heart. Do the things you love and bring you joy. Have the courage to be you without masks. If people walk away, they were not meant to be in your life because not matter how much you may want them to be, if you have to become somebody else to be with them, it´s not worth it. My teacher and mentor, Sonia Choquette, taught me that in order to connect with my Spirit, I have to give it voice. Get a piece of paper and a pen. Set up a timer for 5 minutes and write straight beginning with the phrase My Spirit says... Then read what you wrote. Repeat this exercise as much as you need until you feel you know your Spirit.

Knowing your Spirit is the first step towards living in authenticity. 

Authenticity leads to true Happiness.

Stop looking outside and just get busy - Know your Spirit.

Many blessings,